Ignorance May Be Bliss, But The Truth Makes It Look Like S H I T

Greetings EPers and how do you do?
Just had to write a poem to you
I was just a little curious if your
Totally aware of your world
And all it’s surroundings
Hard to think that soon You won’t
recognise your surroundings

Really spoilt, where do I start?
The Deepwater horizon spill
If you still think oil was to blame
And they used all that corexit
Which is lethal to humans
But used to mine methane

On the biggest methane glacier
in the world, to go digging for gold
cos your government is broke
and the whole gig is up when
the fed’s charter runs out
on the day of the Mayan long count

China downgraded the wests credit
Ratings too, no other country will
Lend money to you so you print your own
26% of the worlds resources
Goldman sachs 200 million of your
Tax dollars, daily: CRAZY

Hey believe what you want but
Very little truth on CNN and fox
And google come to think of it too
Perpetually lie to you, have covered up
The real news for years and
Alex Jones proving it every single day.

How much more can you take?
World war 3 real soon to cover up
The world of hurt back home
And then there will be conscription
Of that you can count on
These wars are taking a whole generation
Of lower class and putting them in a box
Got to stop

Iran have done nothing anyway
And their pride is still well intact
Ahmadhinijhad won the election fairly
Bribed 2.5 million with jobs
And the riots on the streets only caused by
$400 million of your tax dollars

And I hate the words Collateral Damage
But I like it here; worried about all of you
Want to pull your head out the sand
As insulation for hyperinflation

You may think this is weird but just an idea
A back up plan if you will cos
I’m not the programmed one here
And my bro was a soldier for 25 year
And will cost you absolutely nothing

If your man lies on sand miles away
When he should be home with you
Get a message to him if you can
Just make sure he knows who’s side he is on

Cos if he is away in Afghanistan
When the people decide enough is enough
All of a sudden communication down
Between you and your husband

This is your cue, or of your hubby anyway
Him and his mates need to get home
As fast as they can to protect their brethren
Sod the army, that isn’t family
The war’s are all bogus; wealth creation.

But the ones in camp will be fine
Sure then can get their hands on rifles
And I’m sure you could get the
Co-operation of a local airfield
To get your men home pronto.
41-45, M
Aug 8, 2010