Single Forever??

I almost 26 and Ive never had a boyfriend. Get married and hv a family...huh, I dont hv any plan. There is only 1 main reason-I DONT WANNA GET HURT. Ive seen my mom, friends, relatives and most people around me were hurt by men. It quite scary to me if I also become a victim of a boyfriend especially a husband. If my husband hurt me, he also hurt the children.
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Its been a long time since I wrote my story. Now, I'm 28 & still single!! Still don't know/have a clue when I'm gonna be in relationship.
The reason above is only 1 part. U can read my other stories so u'll get the conclusion why I predict tht Im gonna be a single forever. Btw, Thnx for ur comments

Oh :( That's awful! So sorry that you feel like this way. However I really hope you do have a great life that you really enjoy. I dont think you need to be with someone in order to be happy.

You will get hurt whether you are with someone or not. I've never been in a relationship, either. And it's not because of a fear of getting hurt. It's because people didn't like me back, so I stopped trying. You're heart will hurt for someone weither you're single or not. It's hard to get around that.