You know when you know something deep down but you 're really trying to ignore it? Like that's gonna change anything...
I think I am a lesbian. When I first realised it I thought that when the time comes and I'm sure of it, I will embrace it. Well, I don't know what it takes to be sure. Because I haven't had a relationship, or a fling or even a kiss with another woman, but I'm pretty sure I'm gay.
And the bad thing is I'm not doing what I said I would do. I'm not embracing it. Just the opposite. Recently, I ended up having cyber-sex with a man. And that's bad, because I know I did it for all the wrong reasons. The thing is, I'm 23, and I 've never had a relationship. I only recently (about six months ago) had my first kiss and experience (but not sex) with someone, a man. That wasn't out of spite, but still it wasn't everything I hoped for.
I'm just worried I will continue to do things I will regret. Maybe if I found someone, a woman I mean, I would come to terms with my sexuality... I don't know.
aloneforlong aloneforlong
26-30, F
Aug 17, 2014