Yep. I Just Don't Shift.

My friend told me a long time ago saying she is sort of a werewolf. And she put me in the pack. (A small pack though). I have hair everywhere, my nails grow kind of fast, I even have some hair on my face (MY CHEEKS!) but it's not TOO noticable good thing. I have 2 sharp teeth on the bottom of my mouth. I have the urge to bite into somebody's flesh who ****** me off! (Or even eat them! never done it though). I have the temper wolves and werewolves have. Whenever there is a full moon I always have the urge to howl at it but when I'm in Public, I can at least control that. I have strength too. I cannot live without meat, never never never!! Weak people **** me off and I chew on things. Playing a game of tug of war would be fun!! I live in Florida so there are very few woody areas but I would LOVE to spend time in the woods. The only kind of wolves here are lycans, werewolves, and red animal wolves. Better than nothing though lol. Whenever I fight, I do a lot of biting and scratching. I sleep on my side or stomach most of the time and sometimes I curl up in my most comfortable position. I don't seem to be scared of aggressive animals either like humans. There :) those are my wolf characteristics. People may think it souds crazy, but i'd understand.
BlackTearDrops BlackTearDrops
13-15, F
Sep 8, 2012