Okay Long story Short..im dating This Guy whom i Love Dearly...and he loves me...

Thing is We're Internet Dating he wants to meet me and i Want to meet him...i live in the Bronx and he lives in Queens so its not like 30 mins away just below 20..well anyways...lately we just got back together..and well i feel like im acting weird..me and him hooked up on the 12 and like we dont talk everyday its just like Once a day...sooo when we do talk i feel like i act like a Weirdo... The Problem we broke up before was because i was insecure and couldnt Trust him..but Now i Can Trust him...but i feel like he's hiding something i dont know....well anyways i feel like every time me and him have a Normal conversation i screw it up...im not a weirdo...i know im not....

I Just HOpe Things Get better becuz i dont want This Guy 2 Think im a Weirdo...well i Called him Like 3 mins ago....well earlier while we were talking he Told me to Call..Sooo i did....well i called and he sounded like he was REALLY BUSY..so i asked and he said 2 Call him in 30 mins..but i dont know..i feel like im just Bothering him then again im his Girlfriend... he Really Takes me Serious in Speaking that we Online date..but i dont know its Something that Sparks and Like I REAlly Like this guy..>BUT He Can b a TOTAL Different Person up close...Soo im trying not to get to ATtached..becuz until me and Him ACTUALLY Touch...i dont Consider him My Boyfriend Boyfriend... But i Would Love to Hug him...its just Somethings Holding me Back but yeah..

i Feel Completely Weird Cuz i Like this Guy Soooo Much and i Dont know if im weird for Wanting to Speak to him.....
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How does he feel about you?

I can't believe you haven't physically met this guy yet. He's only 20 min away...what's stopping you? I know it can be a little scary meeting someone for the first time, but the best thing to do is to just get it over with. You won't be able to have a real, trusting relationship with him untill you at least go on a date with him.<br />
LOL...listen to Dr Phill :P