It Only Hurts More, The Longing.

It is truly an addiction. Escaping occupies so much of my thoughts, along with the loathing. I think of going far away from people and civilization to just be......without complicating anything else or dragging anyone else down. I feel like a failure-anchor, I am not just a failure myself but I fell like hold others back. Thought alot about a cabin in the mountains out in the middle of nowhere. Just far enough away to avoid people but to get the things needed to survive. Becoming a hermit, what a goal.
Aptrick Aptrick
36-40, M
2 Responses Jun 27, 2011

It truely is the struggle trying to keep those around you happy but somehow not to lose yourself....the re-charge of solitude seems to be the only way to survive. It just never seems you can get fully charged again before having to please someone else.

I've felt this way forever...... I've always been attracted to solitude.... a small cabin out in the woods..... away from others..... where others will leave me alone.... I don't think that longing to become a "hermit" is necessarily a bad btw I adore Tori Amos too!