Lonely :/

I've been with a couple of guys, two long relationships that were pretty intense and everything else was just a bit of fun, i don't like that.

I don't seem to enjoy having sex with men but i do like kissing them, weird right?!

I just want to meet someone that also feels the same as i do but i don't know where to look?!

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7 Responses May 24, 2010

Everybody is different...sometimes a lack of experience can make things feel so wrong. Its alright to experience till you're married or committed.

im sooo sorry i meant gf, my dorky friend took my pc and put that i am looking a gf lol

im a guy and here for u, im b and looking for a boyfriend, kik me at bears101 or email me at isaacholloway@yahoo.com

mabey you could find a friend you could open up to about it and maebey experiment with. best of luck bub. here if u need to talk. xx

julietaconfundida i feel the same even tho im married

i know how u feel, i think i like girls even though i love my boyfriend i don't know why but i feel that girls are more attractive than guys

Neither due I<br />
when you find out something let me know...lol