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Had A Taste And It Felt Gooooood

It's a long story but basically I lost my virginity a few weeks ago. It was really bazaar. Amazing but totally strange. Anyway, I have thought of sex a lot since then. In the build up to me losing my v a girl licked me down there and it was the most amazing feeling ever. I have had oral from a boy before but this was something else. Since then I have fantasized about girls a fair bit. I don't know if o should leave it as a 1 off. It feels a bit dirty. So confused....

I can't chat up a guy so I'm not about to hit on a girl but I guess 1 day ill be able to act on it. For now I havent even spoken to the girl who made me feel so good about it. Not sure how I can. How do normal people take their first steps to being a sex goddess? Lol.
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luv this - mmm - me please

It is a perfectly normal fantasy. Go for it! x

Just do what you want to,we all understand what it`s like to begin. You think about it lots so that means you enjoyed it,just relax & enjoy then start by giving as you prefer to receive, just like life. xxjanxx

wow so you lose your virginity with a girl hhmmmm thats interesting and very memorable indeed?

You should speak to that girl again and tell her how great it felt,as she is obviously interested in you.

There is nothing like the feeling of another womens body on yours!!!!!

hey already take your first step,,,you are on your way baby girl....

Hey hon. If you need to talk, I'm here. I'm nervous to talk to girls too

relax ! !

lucky u girl.....never got around to doin it....u must have felt amazing....

Just relax...

i say what ever floats your boat :) but don;t forget about us guys :)

You need to make small steps, saying hi to the girl who made you so fantastic is one of those steps. Just say hi and be friendly, I'm sure you can do it if you'll give yourself chance I'm sure things will progress nicely.<br />
<br />
I really urge you to contact the girl, you both just might have an amazing experience.

hi bb if u want u can talk to us me and my girl are here now and we bouth very horny

Have you ever made any progress with this? I find that a good ice-breaker is to watch a movie together that has a theme you want to discuss. It doesn't have to be overtly erotic, just have enough of the theme to open a discussion.

Well you sre are cute and shy. You have to open to enjoy the bliss....

Don't worry honey, just relax and be yourself. Guys and gals will bring it out of you, just try not to have hangups and just go with the flow. Above all don't force it and things will work out weell. Shy girls are soooo horny, I love to spend time with them, chatting, coaxing, bringing them out of themselves, encouraging them to enjoy their sexual feeling and urges. And I have found that when they do let go and relax, they are the most thrilling and fantastic ***** ever. Go for it honey, believe in yourself and just be yourself.<br />
Kindest and most sincere regards<br />

Just talk to someone you like, like you would normally anybody else, just being yourself really, if there is a connection then you will naturally bond, thats how i see it :(

Go for it!

very confusing times isnt it?

Before you partake Hun make sure she cleans herself good to avoid giving you a case of Vaginosis. An infection that can jump to the mouth. No kidding ; just when you thought everything was fine.

The easiest ones to learn more with are the ones you have been with before. Mention it to them quietly, send a suggestive e-mail, or just flat out tell them you need more. I believe any of them need more too.

Call her and arrange a meeting in a café in your neighborhood. Talking to someone on the phone is easier than talking to them in person :)

personally i think you should just do what you like as i do now,before i never had the confidence but since meeting my present partner he has brought me out of my shell & i`m doing things i only thought & fantasised about & have never enjoyed my sex life as much as now. have quite a lot to make up for believe me xx Jan

would you be willing to let an older guy lick you out?

Do still see the girl that you had that first experience with? If you still haven't gotten up the nerve to say anything to her, you could just casually say to her, "Hey, you know, I really like spending time with you. And that thing that happened... you know? That was nice..." Depending on how she responds, you might even say "I've been curious about returning the favor, too!"<br />
Just a thought. One thing, though... you should never be ashamed of how you feel, or about your sexuality. I am 50 and spent most of my life denying my true self. Please don't follow my lead... whether you are straight, lez or bi, embrace your true self. And if you are still uncertain, at your age that is normal... just do what feels right and follow your dreams and fantasies. Things will sort themselves out as long as you are open-minded and willing to accept your true self. Accepting my own bisexuality was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do, had to overcome a lot of family baggage and homophobic crap learned from my father. So don't let anyone tell you that doing what feels right is WRONG. Accept yourself, and don't worry about what other think.<br />
Good luck!

Hunny enjoy your life, but always be carful here on ep, about strange desires that you might feel.<br />
many people here will encourage you to do things that they say they did even they did not. EP is a fantasy. so you can do here what ever you imagine, but don't do every thing you desire in life, as it can affect you sometimes in bad way, analyze your action before you do them.<br />
please take care and be careful.<br />
god bless you

Wise advice Joudimas.

Maybe the guy just didn't know what he was doing!!

Do you see her often at social gatherings?<br />
Still talk to her at all? I do agree with funseeekrr though, the more one knows, the more one can advise.<br />
You must just talk first though. How did you get to that point inthe first place? If she enjoyed it, she would want it again too.<br />
I hope it works out (and add me if you wish!) xx

cool :) .................