I Thnk Am Bi

well i alwasy flirt with girls i like to be surounded with guys but i love to get close with both girls and guys theres 2 girls that my close frinds and i would soo make out with them if i had that chance.I love to tease boys but like i check out girls waaayyy more than guys idk i would make out with a girl but like the time hasnt come and i have a boyfrind but he doesnt matter
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Near as I can figure, most girls check out other girls all the time. Not necessarily because they are interested in them emotionally or sexually, but because they are competing with them (in their minds). It is a female thing. just accept who you are and enjoy your life the way you want to.

Yesss!! Do it.

I understand how you feel.. ever since i was a little girl in elemetry school, i started liking girls the same time i started liking boys! i have done things with girls, and i've dated girls (secretly) and i fantasize about girls ALOT. this is not who everyone wants me to be, though... so i try my hardest to deny it. i thought maybe if i just keep telling myself i dont like girls and what not, i'll stop feeling this way. i thought maybe it was just a stage... but it wasnt. i still like girls, and i think i always will. i wish i didnt though :( its just not... me...

I know exactly how you feel....

making out with girls is exciting(x of course i still havent found a girl I like that is bi most are just curious. I wish i could date a boy and girl ha.

I kissed a girl for dare and i found out that Its more fun to have a girl around you than a boy. I was in a long relationship with my boyfriend but I never found myself as happy as i was with that girl.

I am soo relating to all of you but the only differance is that I have madeout with a girl I made out with my best friend like three times but she says she is straight and I have a boyfriend I really dont care much about him and would rather go with her than him.

wow how did u know u just explained me lol

i feel the same way as both of you i have never kissed a girl but i really want to and i find myself think about girls all the time...and i think i may really like one of my friends

OMG.. i know what your talking about. I have the same problem. I have a boyfriend who ive been with for awhile but i still find myself wanting to do stuff with girls.