Coming Out Story Ish

I would have NEVER come out to y parents. NEVER. They are Conservative republicans and functionalist Christians. It was last year, so I was seventeen. I draw... a lot, Well someone said they would pay me $20 bucks to draw a posted for their lgbt teens poster... that my mom found and destroyed and waited in my room until I came from school to tell me everything the bible had to say about it.

The good part of this is, my mom still talks to me. Its hard to have a conversation that doesn't end up on anything to do with lgbt (Her fault she keeps changing the subject to that). But we can still talk, we just can't live under the same roof or carry on a conversation for longer then ten minutes without it all going sour.

ANYWAY. I'm 18 now and live with friends. I found out who my real friends are, who my real family is (Most of my brothers and sisters, and my dad). And being myself has made me really happy.

I don't see how its a big deal. Its not as big a deal if I had been full blown gay. But then I don't quite understand what kind of person feels hate towards someone who does nothing but love. <3 :)
AlexTakesIt AlexTakesIt
May 24, 2012