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hey my name is laura i recently think i am bisexual because ive dated boys and had sexual relationships with them but ive keep thinking about girls its really hard for me to say this i dont want anyone that i know except the people on here to know because if they did my family would dis- own me and so would most of my friends or they would see me differently i have never told anyone about it untill recently ive been wondering alot recently about girls i look when i walk down the street and wonder what it would be like to date a girl ive always said i would try anything once and i will i dunno if im just curious about it or i acually am bi but i know im attracted to girl and boys anyways just wanted to share this
dreamgirl444 dreamgirl444 22-25, F 4 Responses Jun 3, 2012

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Hi DG,

This is your life and you need to be who you are. It is a time to find out and experiment. You need to find out if girls are for you.
if you dont, it may be a disaster later in life.

I know that it may be qiute hard to do this. We all have to do what we have to do. I think that love and who we pair off with is the most important thinh in our life. Maybe you could love either a man or a woman, IDK.

Our society is fairly structured so it is a battle to go agianst the grain.
How are things in the UK. Here in the US it may sound that we are accepting. But we are not.
Find a girl and go on a date, lol. It is just that easy, HA ha ha,,,,
do you best young lady. Life is long or maybe it is short. That depends on what you decide and how you live.
you may wish that you were different, but you have to be who you are, believe m e.


thank you for you comment here in the uk its kinda easy depends for me its not for others its a piece of cake people are a lot accepting over here depends who you hang around with and who your family is

I've been going through the same exact stuff I've been with men and never dated women but I've gotten to where I'm attracted to women but havent like tried dating a woman...just all recently, I feel like I'm crazy lol

Don't feel afraid of anything. You are what you are. Enjoy this wonderful time of your life.

thank you thats really comforting :)

try a few mmf and ffm three ways. i have taken part in both i am straight. But figured it was only fair to let the gf have another bloke so we could dp her. Your only young once have fun. Adam uk