I Guess I'm Bi Curious??

I dont know if something's wrong with me or what I don't have the feeling of really wanting a man, just all of the sudden im not sexually wanting men at all and women seem attractive but I've only ever made out with one girl when I was drinking and I'm not sure if I'm starting to become attracted to women or I somethings wrong with me? Lol
Taryn754 Taryn754 18-21, F 1 Response Jul 12, 2012

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I know how you feel only I'm on the opposite side of where you are. I'm 50, married over 20 years and lately been really curious about being with a man. Love my wife bjt she'd never understand. Just once, maybe, but you never know. Not sure I have the guts to go through with it even if the chance arouse, no punn intended.

Yeah well me and my boyfriend of 3 years had a son together and broke up like 6 months ago and I've tired dating men but it just doesn't feel right like I'm not really sexually attracted to them but women seem more attractive but I just feel like somethings wrong with me lol

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, attraction is attraction, what sex makes no difference. I want a man for the first time and you want a w, there is no difference nor is either wrong, go with it, explore, I would love to and will continue to try until it happens. Some things are worth the wait.

colorado, you sound a lot like me re: wife. I've been married to the same wonderful lady for well over 35 yrs. She's fantastic sex wise and I love her more than anything, anyone. I've was introduced to bi sex a month after I turned 13 yrs. old. The first several times I was scared to death and was forced to swallow each. But that's a whole different story. I got away from the action for a couple of years after I turned 16 yrs. old then started back up when I went in the army, a sgt. and his very hot wife, MMF for a year and a half. These days I look at sex as a recreational activity... actually, I always have looked at it that way. If it's consentual then it there to be enjoyed. Do it. Why limit your fun to one gender. I don't "love" my male buddies, we just have fun with one another. It's a friends with benefits thing. Just be very selective, careful, clean and in my case very, very discreet. I've been in the closet since my first time though my wife knows I "experimented" in my teens. She doesn't know about and wouldn't condone my occasional romps these days.