Straight? Bi? Lesbian?

I cant tell what i am. I sometimes think yep im lesbian. But ive only had boyfriends. And i do like guys and feel attracted to them not a girl yet. Like ive never really had a crush on a girl before. And when i daydream its never about being with a girl. But i think they are really hot. So maybe im bi-sexual. But i once had a dream when i was with a girl and when we kissed and i thought I am not lesbian. Then i woke up. So anyone got an opinion if im lesbian bi or straight id love to hear it
Cara77 Cara77
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I think you are bi. Don't worry that happened to me and now I'm bi, although I never went out with nobody even a girl but I like to some day

Yeah lol same here with the dating thing only boys but i wanna try dating a girl too