I Am A Bisexual "virgin"

I am a non practicing bisexual. All of my relationships have been with women, though I have known for 15+ years that I am also attracted to men. I fantasize about men constantly. On the outside I am a "manly" man- a construction worker, a father. But inside I feel very soft and feminine. My best friends have always been female and my ex wife even thought I was gay. I have never even kissed a man, but I want to explore that side. I dream of being held and touched by a man...
I guess it's time for me to step out.
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31-35, M
3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

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don't be scared to let ur true feelings come out, if u really want to explore that side then explore it and be who u want to be! don't be ashamed of what u really think u r and just be urself:) I felt the same when I was 12 but I already knew I was bisexual but never had any sexua things with a girl and had dreams and everything like u and thought to myself mabe I should explore what im thinking and think I am and see if I really am and that's how I found myself. good luck and if ud like to talk bout anything even though u don't know me im here.:) good luck hun!

Yes. Step out and see if the reality matches the fantasy. Don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't.