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I'm 18, I've had more than my fair share of guys in my fairly short dating career. but I've always felt attracted to girls, none that i really know, but i just find women to be very beautiful and attractive. I don't think that I could come out and say whether I was bi or not until i actually had an experience with a girl. but I am not sure when that is going to happen as the only girls i know that are bi do not interest me (younger and immature, etc.) has anyone else had trouble finding someone to experiment or anything with? Also I am kind of afraid of coming out to anyone because my boyfriend is not the most gay/bi-friendly and my father is definitely not a fan of anyone who isn't straight.
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I'm having the same problem, first I can't find a girl that I find attractive AND has an attractive personality. Second I live in Utah and the whole god looks down on those of us that choose the same sex thing is really annoying. I'm married but my husband doesn't care if I date girls which is cool :) just need to find one now...

Most guys don't know they're gay. The tough guy role is a cover up to their lack of sexx or weakness. A lot of striaght guys hit on me and I've seen striaght guys experiencing sex gay guys. There are more gay people in this world than striaght. Don't let the media fool you. Even the NFL has more gay people than striaght. I've been to the gay clubs and saw them.

Gdguyavail,that was not a helpful response to put up. How are you gonna say I dont hate gay or bi people BUT? Anyway...my advice to the poster of this story:take your time and choose arefully. Regardless of which gender you date there are some basic guidlines Ive found helpful:dont accept abusive behavior. Dont date anyone with drug or alcohol addictions. And lastly,be a friend as well as a lover and expect it to be mutual. Hope this helps at least a little...keep me updated and message me if I can help. Good luck in your search.

I'm not your Dad and do not Hate Gay or Bi Persons,<br />
But I will tell You However, That even GOD doesn"t hate gay or Bi People,Just Condems their actions.<br />
It"s against the Natural order of How He GOD wants it to be.<br />
As a Fellow Adoptee who"s probably way more screwed up than you,Please don"t do anything thats going to make You Down/hate yourself anymore than you may or may not do Now!!!<br />
This was not a Gay Bashing Letter, as I have Had Gay Friends even though I'm Straight!!!<br />
So Please any one reading this no Hate Mail please, from either Side straigt or Gay thanks I'm just a Person reaching out to help a sister in Pain if I can1!!!

You know that is like saying I'm not racist... I have friends of another ethnicity. If there is a God that is loving of his creations, something as simple as falling in love with someone of the same sex should not be condemned but applauded, as everyone deserves happiness no matter whom it is with.

wow my country is not exactly gay friendly, i am going through the same thing i would love to kiss or even experience girls just make up my mind i am so attracted to them way more than guys