Not Sure About This One. . .

Hello all! Well, this is what I'm thinking. I do major ups and downs. I do now know that about 5 years ago, I had a schizophrenic episode that lasted about a month. By the grace of God, I returned to sanity. I have suffered a nervous breakdown before that (about 7 or 8 years ago). I am now best friends with a schizophrenic and she's told me that she thinks I'm bipolar because they also have episodes. There are many times a week, sometimes lasting for days, that all of the issues I have are riding on my back, constantly reminding me and making it very difficult to just accept things for what they are. I have such a hard time coping. I have had many bad experiences, and do still deal with a lot. I am unable to remarry, the detachment of family members on both sides, feeling like no one cares much about me. I have plenty of reason to feel that way. My problem though. . . . . . .coping. Because of all of this, my moods are up and down. When I am down, I am very touchy. So. . .that's my story and why I think I'm bipolar. I am supposed to see someone about this on Thursday. That's if I have the money.
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31-35, M
Mar 1, 2011