I Am Nealy Positive I Was Misdiagnosed!

I was felling emotionally unstable and the psych put me on tablets sertraline antidepressant. I was taking them for a week and hardly slept i stayed up all night then went into work in the morning worked all day then came home and couldn't sleep still. I was told to up the dose from 25mg to 50mg and the day after doing this i went into work and was totally speeding off my face i couldn't keep still figiting and running everywhere i couldnt walk really i was marching fast as i couldnt handle the rolercoaster ride so i ran away AWOL for 4 days. When i came back i was punished by the army for being what i think is bipolar rapid cycle from them demanding i take antidepressants or they will lock me up. Fun times then they didnt even do a proper diagnosis just said well you had a bad childhood its more than likely bpd i was like wtf is that?

Most of my dads side of the family have bipolar and the men tend to be alot more out of control than the women. I dont think i have bpd i think i have bipolar but at the moment im not going back to a psych until im in a random good mood the last one i saw said i was the problem and made me feel like a freak i wanted to cave her head in.

I am sort of just eating a load of chocolate and one coffee sends me totally mental racing thoughts rapid speech gotta love the fact im a walking talking drug i guess??
Justgr8 Justgr8
22-25, F
Dec 14, 2012