Sometimes I can laugh so hard my stomach hurts. The next thing I feel is great depression, like someone dear to me has just been snatched away. This happens all the time, it's the second year now and there's no one I can tell or show this side of me too.
I don't think I can ever tell anyone, to me that'd be selfish. I have my parents, who are both alive and well. I have my amazing uncle, who I know adores me and is going through a lot right now. All my family is. I am but I can't be so i don't think about the person I have lost.  I have a stable roof over my head, although money is tight I can still go to school. 
I don't understand how one minute, I am so happy and content, then the next, i'm well.. i'm like i'm feeling right now. 
I had a account on EP last year, I wrote honestly about my problems and people still didn't really care. Maybe one. I thought I was better, people in my life were happy and that made me happy. So I deactivated my account and deleted all trace of it. Now i'm back, what does that say. You tell me..
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You are not alone sweetie. I have been dealing with the same feelings all my life and I'm in my late forties now. I don't know what the answer is except that you must take care of YOU. When your down get out even when you don't want to and exercise, call a friend, go to their house, sit with your parents. Anything but isolate yourself because that only makes it worse. Be honest with your doctor, and never let anyone walk all over you just so you can spare their feelings. They will only resent you for it and not respect you. Stand up for you, you are worth it!

I know how you feel that's what's going on with me :'( I feel like I'm loosing my head. Inbox me please I need someone to talk two that is like me :( LostSmallMind x