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Sometimes I can laugh so hard my stomach hurts. The next thing I feel is great depression, like someone dear to me has just been snatched away. This happens all the time, it's the second year now and there's no one I can tell or show this side of me too.
I don't think I can ever tell anyone, to me that'd be selfish. I have my parents, who are both alive and well. I have my amazing uncle, who I know adores me and is going through a lot right now. All my family is. I am but I can't be so i don't think about the person I have lost.  I have a stable roof over my head, although money is tight I can still go to school. 
I don't understand how one minute, I am so happy and content, then the next, i'm well.. i'm like i'm feeling right now. 
I had a account on EP last year, I wrote honestly about my problems and people still didn't really care. Maybe one. I thought I was better, people in my life were happy and that made me happy. So I deactivated my account and deleted all trace of it. Now i'm back, what does that say. You tell me..
TeenageBinky TeenageBinky 16-17, F 1 Response Jan 21, 2013

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I know how you feel that's what's going on with me :'( I feel like I'm loosing my head. Inbox me please I need someone to talk two that is like me :( LostSmallMind x