What Do I Say To The Doc??

So I have finally made the appointment to see the doctor but i'm so worried that its going to be brushed under the carpet.

I am pretty certain that I have some level of bipolar / borderline personality disorder - I have thought this for about 4 years but recently I have had a bad depressive episode of about 5 months long with what I call a 'default suicide' setting in my brain, interspersed with times of dancing around, talking a lot, laughing loudly and my mind racing racing racing so I can't catch up. Then yesterday - bang - slept right through and felt fine and today I feel fine too, so I was able to make the appointment.

I guess I just want some advice on how to approach this with the doctor (hopefully I will still have some clarity of mind by the time the appointment comes around). I have printed off some pages of symptoms and highlighted all that apply to me ( everything except change in eating patterns) so I was going to take that with me and just ask for a bipolar test.

My nan suffered with manic depression all her life and spent some considerable time in a psychiatric hospital dancing around and had the electric therapy (not sure of the term?) - I don't know if that would be an indicative factor as I read bipolar can be hereditary.

When I feel like I do today its weird because I feel how I imagine ''normal'' people to feel and I can't imagine that a doctor would take me seriously because you just wouldn't be able to tell that I have spent months staring at a wall, crying and wanting to die, just wanting to turn off my brain.

I am exhausted.

Anyway, i just wondered how others had approached this in terms of seeing their doctor. Any advice would be very welcome. I hope you are all feeling ok today xx
sitchin sitchin
2 Responses Jan 25, 2013

thankyou. the appointment is friday morning. im feeling up and down again. hopefully i can keep some clarity until then. will let you know how it goes!

Hey Sitchin,

I know exactly what you're feeling right now. It took me a long time before I finally admitted I needed to see a doctor about some help. My advice is to see a therapist or Psychologist if possible. Someone who can prescribe medication. As far as what to tell them...tell them everything thats going on with you. My first visit was with my family Dr and I only talked about the depression. I didn't even know I was having any manic episodes. I just figured the "up" swings were just my way of coming out of the depression episodes. Whatever you're feeling just let the Dr know all of the feelings. It will determine what kind of meds or therapy they'll suggest. I was prescribed Zoloft at first and it did nothing for me. After the psychologist determined I was bipolar I was put on Lamotrigine and its made a huge difference. Don't be afraid to to let it all out. The more they know the better they'll be able to help. Good luck to you!