I Must Be

I'm sure there are a few things about me other people would find interesting, but I just don't feel like I have as extraordinary a story to tell as some other people I've met. I don't even have a lot of the common experiences that most people tend to be interested in. For instance, I've never loved and lost, I've never gone out drinking and done something crazy, I've never taken an adventurous job, and I've never even gone traveling. I'm literate, healthy, and as happy as I want to be. There are also the insanely interesting things I've never done, but some lucky people can tell stories about. I've never blown up a building or vehicle, jumped a motorcycle through a window, or been involved in a risky fling with my boss. I can think of numerous ways my life might have been made more interesting (albeit harder), but they didn't happen. Now, I'm not complaining that my life hasn't had enough hardships, I'm just saying I'm severely lacking in the interesting department. I mean, how am I supposed to talk about writing one essay per day for 4 days and make it sound interesting? Boring challenges such as those are precisely the ones I'm most likely to experience, and I think that makes me a fairly boring person on the Grand Scale of Interestingness (which definitely exists).
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

Well you did see the insides of your hands when cutting it with the knife unlike us the unlucky ones. So tell that story over and over again ...

I think I can find something interesting about you... does 'Knocked out by my nunga-nungas' sound familliar??

hello, siamul. how's your day going? seems like you are uniquely YOU. only you can bring what you do into the world.....amazing isn't it? maybe you did something so amazing... and you didn't even notice it..... maybe.... just maybe, your time has yet to come. you interested me sufficiently to reply to you, when i have not replied to others. says something, huh? respect, from robbie