Crazy Is As Crazy Does

I am 26 and have had more than my fair share of ****...a lot more. To the point where I really have lost all faith and ability to trust in someone. I drive myself crazy with thoughts thinking everyone is lying to me. I had a really really bad t..wo year relationship. Abusive in all aspects of the word...have been out of it for a little over 7 months but mentally I feel so screwed up. I try dating someone again and it blows up in my face because everything EVERYTHING seems like a flashback of the past. Everyone is going to be the same, everyone is lying every guy is screwing some other girl. I can't stop them. Its not like this stemmed from one bad relationship but a few. The last just being the straw that broke me. I hate HATE hearing people tell me to just get over it and that i can't hold every past guys mistake against the next one. When that has been every guys story, and they have all broken that trust in one form or another. How do you get past a lifetime of let downs and heartbreak and feel ok again. I don't know where to start I closed myself off from anyone besides my immediate family I don't talk to anyone I have no friends anymore. I just feel worse and worse everyday
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I'm facing the same problem. I've had a series of negative experiences. I'm isolated to contact with immediate family only. I'd love to hear any insight if you've found resolve in this. Thank you, Jason

If you'd like some outside contact, I'd be happy to befriend ya.
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At some point in our life we are all crazy.. Believe me this phase will soon pass. Don't let this bring you down , keep yourself busy with activities that you love and are good at.