I Think I Am Crazy

Well me and my husband fight every now and then but our last fight was crazy I was talking to him he got plain rude I dropped down in tears for about an hour he threw a pastic cup at me telling me to shut up I got it and threw it back in anger it hit him on the head he got up quick and grabbed me and told me to clam down then I tired talking to him and things got worst I got so angry I started hitting myself on the wall saying I wanted to kill myself then he grabed me and was grabbing my gal telling me to shut up be for he called the cops and take me to a crazy home then I just started yelling at him like crazy I didn't feel like my slef I would never hurt myself or say I will when we stopped the agurment I dropped down in tears in fear I didn't know what had just happened I was trying to understand and I told him I didn't know which made me seem crazier so now I'm stuck with a huge head ach and fear of being crazy and knowing it
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Jan 13, 2013