Cursed When It Comes To Love

For some strange reason guys don't ask me out. I can flirt with them all I want but they refuse to acknowledge me. That's not the curse though. The curse is that when I get up the nerve to ask them out, they tell me that they aren't dating or aren't looking for a relationship. Within 6 months, they are married or engaged. Every. Single. Time. It's frustrating. I just found out that a guy I asked out two months ago - who told me he wasn't ready to date since his last breakup - is engaged. That's the 7th guy in the last two years to get engaged/married within a few months of me asking them out and them turning me down. I think I am doomed to be alone forever. I'm not ugly and I don't think I smell bad so I don't know why they keep turning me down. It only adds salt to the wound that they get engaged soon after. Anyways, I just did a deviation to see if I'm really cursed or if I'm imagining things and I pulled up 3 aces which is bad. I don't really believe in that stuff but this whole thing is too weird to not be a real curse. I'm going to do a cleansing ritual during the next full moon to try to get rid of this curse. I hope that 2013 will be my year when it comes to love.
BoringOldMe47 BoringOldMe47
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

you could have marriage curse
our family has curse too
message me

It's just not the right guys for you