Not Worth It

I always think I'm useless, fat, ugly, not worth it. I've self harmed and thought about ending my life many times. No one fully understands. I've went into my cabnits and drank a whole bunch of vodka to numb myself. I've shoved a whole bunch of pills in my mouth at once thinking nobody would even care. I've been used, cheated on and lied to. I'm so ****** up. I find myself crying for no reason. I cry myself to sleep almost every night and I don't understand why. I'm always afraid to try new things, I'm afraid I won't be good at it and I'll get mocked or laughed at. I think too much about everything and I start to get really sad. I need to know, am I depressed?
Blackveilbrides123 Blackveilbrides123
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013