My Newest Best Friend

So a couple of months ago I found an old boyfriend on Facebook. We have been talking online and on the phone ever since. I have a boyfriend who I am madly in love with and been with for 6 months.
When I had my little alcoholic meltdown, my boyfriend was supportive and great. But now I don't think he knows what to do and he's been super busy with school and work. This caused my feelings to be hurt on more than one occasion, but I realize now I was expecting too much from him. He really has been great.
My new friend however completely understands. He went through something kind of similar himself and he's been a really good listener. He can make me laugh when I've been crying and think it's impossible. He's a very sensitive and understanding guy. He's the one who told me to take it easy on my man.
He occasionally tells me how beautiful he thinks I am and how cute my boy is, and he thinks it's so unfair that I've been going through a really bad spell of bad luck. He has expressed being jealous of my boyfriend and has told me that if I was single, he would move here to be with me.
I had a dream about him the other night. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off with him... but I could never break up with my current BF. I love him so much! I think I just get mixed up. Just because my friend understands what I'm going through doesn't mean everything.
My boyfriend really is my best friend as well as a lover. My kid loves him. It's just been difficult because he's been so busy lately. But I see the bigger picture. He is in school to better his life, and that will benefit me and my son as well.
So why do I think of this guy friend so much?!

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Thanks! I see everything so much clearer now!

Hey girl! <br />
Snap out of it! Your got a really good man in your current BF, you said it yourself you can see the bigger picture. Things are a bit rough now but they will get better. Go give your BF a great big hug and kiss. Give him your whole support. <br />
This other guy is poaching, sure he's being nice to you and supportive......... but what's his ulterior motive.................... HEY he just wants to get into your pants! Does he care about your son? A long term relationship? I don't think so,.................. though I could be wrong. <br />
littlepotto<br />
PS Feeling neglected.............. ask your BF for that hug and kiss!