He Never Sees Me!!

Me and S(let's just call him that for now) where always fairly good friends and I liked how he was always up for a laugh. I don't really have that many guy friends but we instantly connected. My best friend caught us catching each others gaze and my blush at lunch. So C being C(let's also just call her that) started teasing me. I blushed even harder and started insisting she was losing the little sanity she possesses (seriously, she wrapped up a Ikea pencil and gave it to me as a gag gift for my birthday) but later that night I started to wonder why I was blushing & then it hit me- I was falling for him and falling fast. Sometimes he gives hints that he might like me, but the thing is he told me just the other day about this girl who had asked him out, who he said no to. Then I realised what jealousy feels like , and wanting something impossibly out of your reach.Cuz you see, I'm a Muslim, but even though me and my sisters date, it's usually just other Muslims. So there you have it. This is the story ofhow I'm falling for S-- W--- and shy it hurts so much
LOLSoRandom LOLSoRandom
13-15, F
Jan 5, 2013