Stressing N Counfused

i have two crushes on two diffnets men n the man(a) i just wanted to say i love him(a) tonight when i was talking to him(a) on the phone. i don't know if i love him(a) more then a crush, but I'm falling fast for him(a). i do know that i love him(a) as a friend. i wish i was there with him(a). when he(a) was sick, i just wanted to be there with him(a) that's when i realized that i had a little crush on him(a). i just feel confusable when i am with him(a) and it feels so right when i am with him(a). they both know i have a crush on them. I'm completely over my ex! this weekend I'm surpost to go over to one of my crushes (man(a)) house. i will keep u's up to date. ttul have a great night all good night take care bye My mood: pretty confused
My health: moderately well
wtpoohbear19 wtpoohbear19
26-30, F
Jan 14, 2008