That's How It All Starts

OK you see the problem started with knowing him because he knows my brother and my parents that lead to him telling me something which put a thought in my head which lead to the crush on him this in turn then lead me to make a suggestion which he agreed with this in turn lead to me telling him how I felt after he admitted having thoughts about me. So now we have kissing hugs and talking and generally putting the world to right. Helping each other with problems and its all great except now I feel more than just crush feelings for him now I am starting to feel love which can not happen as he is married I don't want what we have to cross the line and become an affair and he knows that but the more I see him the more we touch hug and kiss. The more like lately I turn him on the more I am starting to think I love and want him but can not have him before this goes to places it can not go and ends up somewhere it can not end up in any way or form I need to make the hardest decision I will ever have made in my life and walk away but a part of me does not want what we have to stop. Oh this is so hard.
shall13 shall13
41-45, F
May 5, 2012