It All Started In 6th Grade...

I was in a small town at a small middle school and there was a new kid and we were good friends we were obviously crushing on each other we flirted like 6th graders would but would never admit it.. When 7th grade came along we had gym together I thought he was so cute and he sat next to me in our line up lines everyone would pick and say we liked each other but we'd never admit it but I mved away that summer he promised at the end of 8th grade he'd tell me who he liked but we couldn't bc by then he forgot and we barely talked at all we texted a little but after 8th grade we were in separate states but yet my mind always went back to him idk why. Well I moved back last summer and I hadn't thought about him for about a year and then the other day he added me on this site I use for fun or when I'm bored and I just got so happy after bout half an hour we were texting we did not stop talking to about 2am when he wet to sleep then by the next day we were hanging out jk around flirting just lil i could tell he was nervous I forgot how pretty his eyes were idk whats going on but idk if the crush is still there but i'm almost 18 and we met when i was like 11 or 12 and i still feel the same about him as i did back then. When we hugged good bye I felt like maybe we had a chance but idk. 
Anonymoushashope Anonymoushashope
18-21, F
Jul 29, 2012