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So. Im with this guy who is stationed in Japan. and so is his bestfriend. I dont know what to do anymore. becuase i think i might be falling in love with my boyfriends bestfriend... I dont know what I should do. I dont know what is going on. I really care about both of them. My sister thinks im Falling inlove with my close friend, (my boys bestfriend). I think i want to break up with my boy, but if i do. I wont have a chance at being with his bestfriend, who seems to really care about me, unlike my boy.

His bestie, actually makes sure that he talks to me everyday. and my boy doesnt even try to log on everyday.

I know that if i just wait for my guy that i really care about and who says that he really cares about me, then i will have a chance with his bestie. but if i break up with my guy because of everything, (which is mostly the distance, Washington State to Japan), then I will never have a chance with his bestie, that i might be falling in love with...

Any Help?

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I think because of the great distance there is no harm in keeping things the way they are, being good friends with his best friend, and seeing what is going on in bf's head also. I am not sure what bf has in mind, but I would for now continue with how things are, after all, all that will do is bring you and bestie closer together...

Just be prepared that if you go that way, and be with his bestfriend that other people may be upset, and you may lose friends over it. Is it that his bestfriend will stop talking to you if you break up with your boyfriend?