Me? Falling In Love? Oh No..

And here comes the part where you have something to say about me being thirteen. Was I right? Yes. I'm thirteen and I believe I'm falling in love with my sixteen year old boyfriend. You just gotta read this before you judge me.. Okay, yes there is an age difference. No one cares! Not me or him or my parents or his parents. Don't go there with "he's just a pig" or something insulting because he hasn't even kissed me yet, want to know why? "I respect you too much" but he keeps bringing it up and we're both really ready for it. And sex. Guys, come on. Well if we haven't kissed I think you can assume we have not had sex yet. But that also got brought up. He said he would if I wanted to, I said I would if he wanted to. Call me a *****, I don't mind really because I haven't done anything.. But really, I believe I already love him. Maybe I don't love him in a way that one day we'll be married and have kids, but I know I love him. Maybe it's in that way that you love your bestfriend, ya know? I love how he tells me everything and I tell him everything and how we can sit in silence or laugh and smile over nothing but the fact that we're together, I love how we hug for 5 minutes straight rocking back and forth and how he cares so much it hurts me, and how he acts like we'll be together forever and how he talks about the future about where he wants to move with me and spend time with me, I love when he bumps into me on purpose so that I'll bump him back or how he tries to start a tickle fight but I always run away so he'll chase me, I love the relationship. I love his personality, I love how he acts around me, I love how he looks, I love the way he IS. I think it's safe to say I love him. Can I tell you something else? I wouldn't be alive today without him. I tried to commit suicide, but when he told me he would kill himself I couldn't do it, I believed him.. So I'm here and he's here and we're just living... I'm gonna just ask a question, if you could comment with your opinion or even something you know to be a fact: is it crazy I like how he kind of pushes me around sometimes? I don't mean he hits me or literally shoves me, he's not even actually trying to hurt me. I mean how I like when he bumps me a little harder than usual or when he blocks me from going somewhere or pulls me around. Is that weird? I also like when he tells me what to do and what not to do. Is THAT weird? He's not controlling, I think he just knows sometimes I need to be told to do things. To do my homework to go to sleep earlier to clean my room. Or to not do things like cut or drink or other things I shouldn't be doing. Well whatever, but I think I love this boy.
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Jun 3, 2012