Very Low Self Esstem

Im 15 right, and im 5'6 and im 130 pounds. Everyday i see myself in the mirror, and i think im some fat discusstinnggg girl, whooo deserves like noone. People tell me im pretty, and when they doo i eat it up cause they tell me all the things i doubt. Alot of guys will tell me like all these sweet things about how im pretty and then i end up getting taken advantage of, and played cause i have the worst self esstem like ever. And maybe 130 pounds isnt fat?(i think it is for me) but when i look in the mirror i dont see 130 pounds i see like 330 pounds. I used to be really fat when i was like 10-13 and i just recently lost weight, and like i have the shortest tourso and it makes me look bulgy and i dont know maybe i sound dumb but i feel so bad about my body and its stopping me from finding real boyfriends that dont try to use me, because i dont think im good enough for anyone. it hurts me emotionaly, and i dont know its just hard. so now im starting this fruit and water diet, im just gunna eat strawberries and drink nothing but water for a whole week., maybe then ill be my goal of 103 pounds. who knows.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

hun, im 5'6 and 165-170lbs. (haven't checked recently) there's no way you could ever be fat at that weight and height. cuz if your fat at 130 that make me being a good 30-40 lbs heavier like obese. trust me when i say ull find some one i did & i was -> <- this close to joining a nunnery lol<br />
that diet wont work. girls retain water more than guys and therefore just drinking water and eating one fruit isnt enough. <br />
i started lifting wieghts in school and eating smaller proportions and not eating out as much. that would be the better diet. keep your chin up. you dont wanna look like a stick or anything.