I Know, Im Fat.

I am 14. People tell me im not fat, but its because they're being nice. I have thunder thighs with stretch marks. I weigh 172 pounds. Im really chubby/thick. I wear a 36/C in bra size. I wear a size 10 in pants. and a Large in tshirts. Most girls at my school are size 0 or 1. I'd be fine with just being a 5. I've tried not eating. It didn't really make me loose any weight. I thought about working out and exercising but my town is really small and i know everyone everywhere i go and i dont want them to see all my fat rolls jiggle and me sweat so easily and stuff when i have to live with seeing their faces everyday. I was to be skinny so bad. I hate my body more than anything, if i was skinny. i'd be really pretty. but everyone in my family is like a toothpick and so skinny and im just fat. fat. like why me. i hate it. im thinking about fasting every other day or something.. like only eating lunch at school or something. i dont know what to do with myself anymore.
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Dec 9, 2012