I don't know how to explain or express this,but well there comes a time in your life, earlier if you aren't ignorant when you understand that whatever happened is done.You can't change it.And when I say it, it doesn't mean it's bad.You can miss your younger self or you can regret doing something when younger but the point is you are growing. You are growing into an adult. I don't know why do people think it's such a sad thing to become adult and they always say being child is best thing you could ever have.I would like to differ from this point of view. Childhood is beautiful. Its a total new phase and something I wish everyone would cherish about.However that doesn't mean adulthood can't be fun.Talking about teen life.Oh it's like a huge a transition. Its hard definitely. I remember doing all sorts of crazy things and regretting them later.But now I don't really regret.I am grateful for every experience I ever have experienced. With adulthood, actually you can learn how to control your emotions and manage them.You just need to try to understand yourself better. It is very easy to over express or bottle up in this world. Thing is knowing and applying what you Learn.As they say it's always there in front of you, you just have to open your eyes :)Enjoy your adulthood. You can be childish, Responsible, independent and Above all you can do what you love and do whatever you do with all the love you ever wanted,ever obtained or possess ^.^
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