I Miss You!

I miss the closeness that people share in a marriage. I miss the little things that we each used to do to suprise the other. I miss the notes left behind. I miss the phone calls just because, I miss being the top priority in your life and overall I Miss You! How do you deal with missing someone? Do you read old letters, look at old photographs or replay lost moments in your mind. Do the stars remind you of them?

Many questions, many thoughts but where are you. Are you thinking of me to-nite?

I thought things were looking up. To-nite it may be starting all over again. Sadness that you don't miss me. What changed? What do I do now?

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7 Responses Jul 9, 2007

What a touching story. It clearly shows your pain and how lonely you feel. If he won't listen, it sounds like it's time to seriously think about leaving. If you stay, I don't think he'll change. You'll end up making yourself ill. I'm sorry it's probably not what you want to hear but it's how I see it.<br />
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You be sure to share your feelings here whenever you feel the need. You are amongst friends here.

I'd just move on. It's not easy, but it's the best way. Instead of wasting your time missing, sighing, reading letters, and all that c**p, start living for yourself as long as you can. I'm missing someone right now as well. He's been preoccupied with other things for a while now, according his behavior he doesn't care much anymore, but I may be wrong. That's why I need to find out. Once I give it time to show, if I feel he really doesn't care, I'll go and find someone better. I definitely will. I'll get someone who will put me his priority.

Thank-you to all the comments. I tried the letter thing. Now my recycle bin is full. No he won't read them. He says he does not have a problem and if I do then I should get it fixed??<br />
Thanks to all for listening :)

I understand.<br />
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To bad, it is HIS loss!!<br />
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Thank-you Radiant, but I cannot tell him out of fear. I have been dismissed too many times. Told I am just being over emotional and female. I cannot risk getting shot down again.

You TELL HIM all the stuff you shared here. <br />
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I'm sorry to hear of the pain you're enduring but hang in there and keep letting it out...you're so much better off for sharing...Thanks!!