My Relationship

My boyfriend doesn't even talk to me outside of school. Not online, not on the phone, definitely not in person. We don't see each other. Or do anything. I spend most of the time miserable because he doesn't even talk to me. But for now, there's definitely not one else out there for me, so I'm sticking with him.
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So understandable, but so wrong:)<br />
I'm with mine as well, just because we've been together for almost 3 years. I feel neglected, but not like you of course. He does call me all the time, but there are other things he's doing wrong that make me feel number two. I'm with him b/c there's no one else yet. However, if it doesn't improve soon, and I mean soon, I'm not gonna sit and sulk, feel miserable every day. No. My life and yours is too special for that. Especially for the guy who doesn't even speak to you. Start respecting yourself and realize that there's someone there RIGHT NOW you may not know who wants you! But for that, you need to close one door so that all others will open. No matter how hard it is, we all have to go through it one day, so just put your head up and go bravely through that smoky, stinky haze that will lead you to sunshine eventually!

Leave him now rather than getting hurt. One day you would feel so humiliated by his behavior and ur weakness that you would do it urself. Better do it today. <br />
It happened to me, things arent better now but I am glad I did it.

Uh, when *does* he speak to you then? How can there be a relationship if ppl in it don't talk? *scratches head* Do you really want to stick with him, if he's not even there for you? I think you're better off on your own, sondosia! =>