I Had Plenty Of Motivation, And Now I Have Sweet Inspiration

Suddenly, there were tears in my eyes as I looked at the young woman seated behind the counter. I was having quite a pity party.  I asked her, more rhetorically than anything else, "How is it that I don't hesitate to spend money on stuff like this for my son and daughter, yet I find myself unable to do it for me?"  She looked at me sympathetically, unable to answer, because she couldn't really understand, being young and fit and lovely and not a middle aged suburban matron.

I was at the fitness center yesterday with son, determined to move forward in my goal of getting fit - really fit - before my next birthday.  It's a milestone one, you know.  Fifty.  I want to be able to look in the mirror at my naked body and feel truly proud.  I've a bit of a ways to go, even though I've been losing weight.  I need to ramp it up, and I'd decided I would hire a personal trainer to teach me just what I should do.  I don't need someone to kick my *** or even encourage me all the time.  I just want an educator who can get me started.

But when I asked the gal behind the counter about the trainers' fees, I was a little aghast.  I backed off.  Then I got to talking with her about my daughter and the necessary course to allow her to use all the fitness machines.  Young people her age are not just permitted to walk in and begin using the stuff the way those over 16 are.  They must go through some education.  And there are options for personal consultations for an additional fee.  I'd pulled out my wallet, ready to pay for it for my girl, when I had that little epiphany.  We mums and dads often put ourselves last in priority while freely spending for our kids.  It's instinctual, that desire to nurture our children.  At least it is in me and my friends.

I was on EP today and I happened upon a piece by one of the women here.  She is a good writer, and a lovely person.  Inside and out.  She's endured a great deal of heartache, including the death of her daughter, but she maintains a sweetness and courage that inspires me.  I figure if she can be as positive as she is, given the various things she's dealt with, I should be on cloud nine.  And she is a wee bit older than me, but very hot.  Classy.  Just what I aspire to.

I'd had her in my circle for a long time, admiring her attitude and beauty as well as her skill with words.  She works hard at maintaining her appearance, working out.  So I wrote her, and asked her advice in getting into a fitness routine.  I received a prompt reply, and an offer I couldn't refuse.

hey sweetie,  i work out..5 hrs per week. i do pilates, step, lift weights and kickboxing, tai chi and yoga.
start slow. walk. either on the treadmill or pick a route. do the bikes at your own speed. i swear you will get used to it and you will burn fat all over..
don't give up. i am 56 and i am in good shape..((I think)) I will be your coach!

I feel on top of the world.  I CAN do this thing.  Having a coach like her is just what I needed.  She is my sweet inspiration.  And once I've reached my goals, I'm going to look awfully good.  I can't guarantee I'll be brave enough to post photos of myself, but a certain gentleman should enjoy seeing the results via cam.  At this point, that's a prime motivation.  Perhaps some day he'll be available for an in person viewing.

And, yes, I know I should be motivated to do it for me, blah, blah, blah.  But you and I both know that nothing beats the desire to be desirable to someone you find exceedingly hot.
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4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

I love you ladies and you can do it. akindheart is awesome milkies, I have known her for years. She is kind and very sincere. You can do it and I am here to cheer you too.

Good luck it will go great!:-) XOXO

Baby, you can do it..i am behind your behind every step of the way..and you know i can be a sweet, pushy broad...let me know when you want to begin. I will be your personal cheerleader..love you!

No time like the present, dear lady. I am so glad to have you behind me. xo

and there are several good free web pages to help you with that, do all the tracking of energy income and calories burned, suggesting exercises and meals, showing you the nice graphs ...<br />
Good luck in meeting your goal.