This Is Better Than Expected

I began to see a therapist a few weeks ago. I was eager to begin therapy to help with a few problems. I was happy that I would be meeting with a woman figuring it would be easier to open up to one than another man. We spoke on the phone before our first appointment. She sounded very nice, but I knew that could be deceiving, but I hoped she looked nice.

The big day came along and I was very happy to see she was very nice looking - and she seemed to be very understanding, which is the reason I was there. She seemed to be a little bit younger than me and took care of herself. She looks a little bit like a friend and seems as friendly. Our discussion went great and it is always nice to be in the company of someone attractive.

The next week we had our second appointment. When she came to the waiting room to get me, it was nice to see that she seemed to have "dressed-up" for me. Probably my wild imagination. She had on close fitting slacks and high heels. Our discussion went well and I could see the promise of successful treatment.

This week's appointment was wonderful as well. She is very pretty and I smitten by her. While she does not have large breasts, she does have some. I have noticed a little nipple-poke here and there, but this week she showed just a little cleavage. While we were talking, and I am fully engrossed in what she is saying, I would take the chance catch a glimpse of her chest is she looked away.

I so enjoy my therapy sessions!
Nitecrawler99 Nitecrawler99
41-45, M
May 18, 2012