I Think I,am In Love

well caren was the frist therpist connected with and she was understading and very conpastionte and and easy to talk to and we talk bout everthing together a year later i think i,am
in love with caren and i been feeling this way for a year and i know her smile and her voice arouse
me and she is sow nice to me and i was day dreaming of what if her and me whrere a couple and then my dream begins was at her house and she was their her hsband was gone and it was just me and her thier and she sarted kissing me, and then saying jamie i been thinking about you all day and she would we would kiss deep and and romatic and she would take off her couths and i would to and then caren would grab my head and i walk to her room and she lay down on the bed with me on top of her, then caren we tounch me and i would be happy then we would have romatic pastionte sex till the sun came up i think i,am in love she say and then caren will get my sextoy out of the draw and start plessing me with it and i feel her mounth on my neplles my breast
hard and cuming wet and horry then she will say jamie lets get married i will divioce my husband
then a mouth latrer she got a dovce, and she married me and we hade a child we adopted from
afica and she was named kate. then me and caren sow much in love will rasied kate and i teach
her to walk caren teaching her abc and i smiled then i,am feeding kate and she three years old
today. then caren saids that she is going to work she kisses me goodbye.
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013