Love Problems...yeah I Know Everyones Got Them But I Need Help!

Hey there new to all this...but i just need advise i'm a 16 year old girl who just might be in love with her first cousin...were the same age the same gender...but we have always and i mean always been there for eachother shes the world to me and i don't think i could ever tell her how i feel i mean she is my cousin it might make things awlkward between us and i couldnt have that shes also my closest friend is it wrong? we do only live once i should live it happily i want comments that will help me out not make me feel like trash im confused enough. Thanks to anyone who read this it means alot i've been looking to tell some one this but its not like i can just go to my parents about this i mean what would they think of me?...
xWolfangelx xWolfangelx
18-21, F
Sep 20, 2012