He Tells Me He Loves Me Bt Im Not Sure

once b4 i thought i waz in love with someone then i just didnt wrk out. he waz my bff for 2 yrs b4 we dated . bt he didnt give me enough space and he waz jelous. then i hookd up with one of his friends ( i never had been interest in this guy wen i dated the first guy ) and we have been unofficially dating for about as long i as i officially dated the first guy. and he told me he loved me but idk if he just wants the sex. my heart says no bt my head says yes.  he didnt have to tell me he loved me bt he did. we'd alreadly been having sex 4 5 months b4 he said that. so maybe it waznt bc of the sex.
prettylady prettylady
18-21, F
Jun 20, 2007