Stupid Heart!

It's one of those things... when I get those feeling for someone, but I know it won't work out, because we have two different wants in life. =p

So, it's like my brain is telling me "no, don't bother! It would never work out". But my heart is saying, "maybe... give it a shot." This is when my heart loses out! Haha! Shut up heart! No one asked you. =p

Nope... I'm going to do the smart thing and wait for someone who can be on the same page as I am. :-D

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4 Responses Dec 27, 2008

Well you never know, when you meet someone,their whole life changes , their habbits , their needs , their outook on life. Will you ever wonder what it would be like? Will you ever kick yourself for not taking a chance. If it won't work out ,is it the end of the world. Do we go fishing to catch the fish or is it the anticipation and the experiance that we live for?

I hear you. I am sure you will find one you can share.

I am sure you will find the person with the same exact page and you will be happy ever after.

Oh Shadow - this is so hard! When the head and the heart collide. I wish you all the best. : )