In Love, But Questionable.

My friend and my other guy friend are 'hooking up' (making out, but that's it) and she makes it very clear that the two are not together or a couple. The other night, we hung out all together with us three and a bunch of our other guy friends for dinner at a pizza place. It started to pour, so he gave me his dress shirt to wear so I wouldn't be cold. After dinner, he offered to carry me back to my friends house. I told him that I would probably be too heavy for him, (I have MAJOR self confidence issues) and he replied "You're not fat at all, you're so skinny. I'd be happy to." So he did, about a mile, in the rain, he piggy-backed me to my friends house. This was most likely the best night of my life. It was the cutest thing ever, and we talked in depth about our lives to each other while walking there (We live very close to town). I feel like I could tell him anything, and he feels the same with me. He says that me and one other person really truly care about him. Since my friend and I are so close, after he left, I ended up telling her that I have begun to have feelings for him. She wasn't mad at all, and understood me, and accepted the fact that I do like him. I don't really know what to say to him, considering the fact that he kinda likes my friend, but I don't think he would've done those things for me unless he liked me a bit, do you? I'm honestly not sure just asking where to go from here. I'm hanging out with him again pretty much all next weekend also, so If anyone has advice for me on what to do now, that'd be great!
cheeeeerislife cheeeeerislife
Sep 10, 2012