True Love <3

I have been with my boyfriend for 5.5 years now. The first couple of years were really hard, between my parents and he was on drugs. Then November 2009 he got locked up in prison for doing something completely stupid. He has been there 3 years now and gets out in 20 days (: well the other day I went to visit him and he asked me to marry him. At first I was in shock because from day 1 when we started dating, he said he wasn't the type to get married. Well I didn't think much of it when I said yes because like I said I was shocked. So now it is 2 days later and the shock has worn off and I now realize that I am going to be marrying the man of my dreams! I have stuck by his side for the last 3 years since he has been locked up. Him getting out in 20 days is just unreal because he has been there for 3 years and time is going by so slow now! :( When he gets out he wants to marry me real soon so he can prove that he is a changed man and he wants to be with me the rest of my life. I am unsure if I want to get married right when he gets out cuz we have both changed in the last 3 years. but he is the love of my life so I want to marry him. All I can say is true love really does exist when you find the right person for you (:
iloveshawn3578 iloveshawn3578
Dec 4, 2012