I Wish I Could See You Again

When I first saw her my first reaction was " Damn this girl is beautiful" so for the remainder of the evening I would occasionally glance over at her table just to get a glimpse of her. Each time I looked over at her all i could see was her smiling and laughing with her friends. She looked so pretty when she smiled. I tried to Pull my attention away from her and it worked for a little while but when she came and sat with our group I felt such headrush. I tried to play it cool even though I was nervous as hell. She came over because she knew one of my friends. From there she introduced herself and we spent the rest of the night getting to know each other. At one point while I was talking to her we made eye contact for a brief moment and I swear It felt like I was looking into the eyes of an angel. She had the perfect lips, dimples that I thought were cute, dark wavy hair that compliments her perfectly and most importantly a wonderful personality. I kept it real casual and talked to her as if I was talking to a friend. Well the night ended and I don't know if I'll ever see her again. I have never felt this way about a girl in a long time. I hope I get to see and talk to her again.
YouDaOne23 YouDaOne23
18-21, F
Dec 23, 2012