I do not know where I am going. Do not follow me, I am lost. Do not look to me for your happiness. I have none of my own. I have absolutly nothing to give. my smile will not make you smile, it is worn and faded away...
hartleybroken hartleybroken
22-25, F
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My, is that depressing. My eyes hold every warm moment. My eyes hold the heart break of events that happened in the past. My smile will make you smile. My smile is a lie. I'm not happy. I know where I am going to go, but when? I live as an immortal. Alone, it's depressing, on how what I lost. I'll find it, but what will I come to when I find it? I can say things to make you happy. I am the angel of the shattered. I am the light that's goes out as you try to reach it. You can trust me. This is not okay...

that is deep.. I totally get it and live it each day..

We all tend to feel lost at some confusing points in life, I hope you make the right choice and find yourself to achieve happiness

thank you, your comments mean so much :)

It makes me happy when I log in and see I have a new message from you in my inbox. Even though what we are talking about is depressing I am still happy that I have someone I can talk to.

Nahh..not lost, you know where you are..so you are just stalled. Look at things just a little differently, you aren't lost..you just haven't figured out exactly where you are right now. See, that sounds better than lost, doesn't it? A smile, be it worn and faded, or shiny and new..still makes me smile. Don't be so rough on yourself. Things will be okay..you won't be stalled forever. *Smile*