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The Jury's Been Out For A While ...

So a certain lvlygrl and I made this group in order to convince the rest of the world that in spite of what others may think, we are each rather normal people ... (although I have serious doubts about her ... but we won't mention it as we all have her fooled into thinking she's normal ... so let's just keep that to ourselves shall we?) The problem is that that the jury's been out for a while now and they haven't come back from deliberations yet so I'm wondering whether you would let me know if I'm normal.

Perhaps if I shared my typical day, you would be able to judge my normalcy better ...

6:00 am - wake up and look up at the ceiling and wonder how those knives got stuck up there

6:30 am - fall asleep and dream about swimming with rainbow coloured dolphins

7:00 am - wake up in a fright because said rainbow coloured dolphins began to molest me O_O

7:30 am - mistakenly use hemorrhoid cream to brush teeth and then take a hot shower

7:45 am - get dressed while dodging falling knives as they loosen from the ceiling

8:00 am - leave for work in my little Isetta and experience many people giving me love with their middle finger while I drive 30 mph on the highway into work

9:00 am - get into work and log on to EP

11:59 am - log off of EP and warm up lunch

12:55 pm - after eating my lunch, tie my hair with clothes pins and dance naked on the street

1:00 pm - return to work and log on to EP

4:45 pm - start work

5:00 pm - end work

5:01 pm - start journey home and experience more love on the highway

6:00 pm - roll up the driveway while running over neighbour's flower bed

6:01 pm - get out of car, smell the fresh evening air and tie hair with clothes pins and dance naked in the street

7:00 pm - realize my willy's gonna get frozen off if I don't go inside ... now!

7:01 pm - warm up TV dinner and sit in front of the tv and watch Desperate Housewives reruns

8:00 pm - log onto EP

9:00 pm - enter the "mature" section of EP O_O

9:10 pm - exit the "mature" section of EP in disbelief O_O

10:00 pm - brush teeth with correct tube of toothpaste ... hemorrhoid cream stays on the left, toothpaste on the right ... makes mental note for tomorrow morning ;)

10:15 pm - sees a fly in my bedroom

10:20 pm - returns from kitchen with 8 knives

10:30 pm - fly is still flying around in bedroom after 8 attempts of killing it

11:00 pm - falls asleep while logged on to EP

11:01 pm - continues horrible nightmare from the morning :'(

Now, if that's not a normal life, I should be called a liar. So the jury's still out but I predict they'll come back with a verdict of normalcy ... what do you think? O_o

privatelyanonymous privatelyanonymous 36-40, M 4 Responses Dec 13, 2012

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You're definitely insane. Any normal person would need just one knife to get that fly. If you undo my restraints, I'll show you how

Restraints? Ooh la la ... what have YOU been doing? O_O!! ... lol :p

getting to know and like you through your stories. Apparently that makes me certifiably insane

That certainly is a one-way ticket to the looney bin! :p

Very entertaining haha lol!

Haha ... hey, thanks! ... I have to ask you though, how the heck did you land on this story? Took a wrong turn and went right instead of left huh? ;)

Something like that, sounds about right though,but aren't you glad I

Sounds about right? or sounds about left? ;) And of course, I'm glad ... takes a strange one to know one so we just may have something in common :P

Or maybe we don't, or maybe we do,what do you say baby, how about you?

I say yes, I say no ... what do you think, your thoughts, please bestow ...

Thoughts, thinking and bestow you should know....that whether it's a Yes, or whether it's a No...would simply dictate the thoughts we think or bestow, so I happily say Yes that I believe it's a No....

Lol ... as soon as I can untangle my brain, I'm going to send back a clever response ......... Darn, I just read it again and I think untangling my brain is gonna be difficult ... perhaps you should join this group as well. Your normalcy could be questioned :P

What is Normalcy anymore???

Not you nor me, that's for sure :P


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After reading that story I'm not sure I am even normal anymore..I mean after awhile it started to make sense and that is the scary part..what have you done..:)

Brainwashing is a ***** ain't it? O_O

PURE INSANIGENCE. Mr. Privatelyanonymous, you are insanigent ;)

Hahaha! You don't have to keep using that word ... it's yours remember?!?! You've used it at least five times now ;)

That was the first time I actually meant it ;) so, yeah, you're welcome!

Hey thanks for the compliment!!! ... I think? ... O_o


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