It May Be At the End.

Well, I have wrote a letter to my Ex and mailed it off to her today.  This last weekend I tried to sever all relations with my EX, but I was unable to do it.  I still love her so very much, and to make it even more difficult she tells me that she is considering dating someone else.

So what I have done is write her a letter.  I have reminded her of all the good time that we have had together, and that there was nothing major in our relationship that went wrong.  I explained to her what I thought had happened to us looking back through the last year, and why I think that we can still make it.  I told her that I want to get back together with her and give it one last chance.

She keeps telling me that she doesn't love me, but then she contradics those words with her actions.  I believe that she is just trying to convince herself of that to make it easier on her, and I am at the point where she is going to have to make a choice because I can't be the type of friend that she wants me to be.  She wants me to be there for her always. To be her confidant when things are bad, and to ignore me when things are good.  I guess we will find out when she gets the letter what she wants, and if she doesn't want to give it another chance that I am going to have to pull away from her.  Otherwise I will never be able to let her go and move on with my own life.  Right now I can not see any sort of future without her.  She is what gives me life.  She is my heart and soul.  I hope that she is not ready to throw it all away because I don't know how I am going to get along without her.
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My ex boyfriend is the same way too. EmKat is right. It is hard to let go. I trust him more than anyone else at this point. I love him too. He is my bestfriend. People think i'm this ***** user on him. I have a problem with letting go of people I love. It's hard. I am so sorry.

you sound exactly like my ex-boyfriend. it's so hard to let go. and he practically pleaded me to stay with him. but she sounds like her mind is pretty muchly made up. he and i are best friends since we still both love each other. maybe you should try some separation and then eventually work your way back to her heart. i'm sorry because i know what you are going through. good luck.

Ahhh "Love" me if it comes to that, you will get along without her, one day at a time, you may never forget her but time heals..."Life goes on"

I think it good that you recognize that you either need to be with her, or be without her. I hope that either way things workout for you to be happy.