Is The Bun Baking?

So after years of wanting a baby, after raising my god son, after falling in love with my bestfriend, and after all the stresses of everyday life, I think I may be pregnant.

I recently considered finding a donor, but I'm beginning to realize I don't need one. My period is late, my breasts are tender and look larger than usual, I'm queezy as hell, I'm getting god awful headaches now, and I manage to sleep for about 10 hours and wake up exhausted. While I know I should be scared, I'm not at all. In fact I'm unusually calm. My hope is that I am in fact pregnant. The very thought that there's probably a little baby floating around in my womb gives me the most intense butterflies in my belly. I took an EPT and I'm going to make a doctors appointment soon just be sure. Keep your fingers crossed for me and hopefully for my little bun in the oven<3
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I live in sacremento california. Im m 26 and want a baby as well. I would put a baby in your warm moist oven.

Good for you.Please add me.

who did it?


Make sure you don't stop *******! There is a reason why pregnant women get really horny. It's very important for a woman to be constantly exposed to her mans seamen while she is pregnant. It helps prevent morning sickness and makes the pregnancy easier. You should be getting some *** shot inside you every day if possible. Make sure you swallow some too from time to time.

Lol wtf I call total bullshit.

Hope it goes well for you. Having my son was the best thing I have done with my life.


Congrats I am sure you will be a great mom you want this so much.

Congratulation, such good news :)
Be sure to take pictures of the baby growing in you.

If you find out you aren't pregnant, are you going to tell the almost-daddy to give it to you proper this time?

Well the EPT was positive, but I want to go to a doctor to make sure :p

He gave it to me GREAT though.

I'm sure you were an inspiration to him.

so what was the final results after the doctor took the test?????