Ur 15??!!?

Well im 15 I think I'm pregnant I've had many symptoms of pregnacy but I got my period but it was early and now i....feel more symptoms like ....feel sick,heart burn, head akes, get super sleepy during the day, I throw up, pee constantly ,crave weird stuff i dont like, I get a Sharp pain in my left side.. not like period cramps, my back kills me, my nipples r darker they r sore and feel bigger,I get dizzy outta no were, i want to take a pregnacy test but I dont kno if its to early ...cuz I don't want to take it early and it show negitive when I rlly am......any advice plzzzz
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

If you are pregnant please DO NOT get an abortion no matter what anyone says to you! abortion is murder and will be a disgrace to your future kids.
Sorry if I sounded condemning because I didn't mean to if I did, abortion is just a stench to the world.